3 Ways To Feel More Confident During A Boudoir Session

Posted on: 15 May 2019


A boudoir photography session makes an excellent gift to yourself or to capture images for your romantic partner. The session can help you celebrate your body and offers a creative outlet for self-love, even if you feel self-conscious about certain parts of your body. Here are a few ways you can make sure that you feel as confident as possible during your boudoir session and celebrate everything your body is capable of.

1. Talk to the Photographer About Any Concerns You Have

It's a fantastic idea to address any concerns or major hang-ups that you have about your body before your session. Not only does this give you time to procure any necessary props for your session, but you'll have a chance to shop for outfits that make you feel your best.

Your photographer can offer suggestions for poses, outfits, and props that help showcase the features you love and downplay those you aren't crazy about. For example, assume that you dislike your abdomen. One option is to wear an outfit that covers your abdomen while accentuating your favorite parts of your body. Or, you can make sure that you get some shots where you're posed lying down to present your abdominal area in a flattering angle. 

2. Have Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done

An easy way to boost your self-confidence is to have your hair and makeup professionally done. A pro has the expertise and supplies to give you a look that will make you feel your best. it's also relaxing to enjoy a little self-care before your session and make sure that you start your photo shoot feeling as confident as possible.

Even if you typically don't wear makeup, cosmetics can make sure that your skin doesn't appear blotchy or shiny during your session. You can request a dramatic look, or you may request a more natural style. Opting for professional services also helps ensure that your makeup and hair last throughout your entire photo shoot.

3. Create an Environment That You Find Comfortable

You'll feel more confident during your photo session if you're comfortable with your environment. Prior to your session, you might make a playlist with songs that you love. Consider a mix of upbeat peppy songs and some slower, more soulful tunes to assist your photographer with capturing a variety of emotions during the shoot.

Some women find that relaxing with a glass of champagne or wine prior to the shoot helps them feel more at ease. Even if you don't drink, taking a few moments to savor something you enjoy (be it coffee, soda or sparkling water), will help you start the session as stress-free and relaxed as possible.