Spice Up School Photos With Backdrops That Fit Students

Posted on: 19 March 2019


As a photographer, you know the value of both what you're focusing on as well as what's around it. And with a proper artificial backdrop, you can control the environment to create just the right aesthetic for any occasion. Even the humble school photograph can be livened up more than most people understand. How can you make all your school pictures look perfect for each student? Here are a few easy ways.

Choose Color. School pictures tend to be staid affairs on a neutral or slightly colored backdrop. But this is an easy way to express the personality of your subject by choosing a color that more accurately reflects who they are. It could be their favorite color or one they think brings out the best in their facial features. It could be a bold pink or red meant to attract attention or a studious navy blue. The more students feel that they are represented, the more natural they will appear in photos.

Add Texture. Textures are great for giving structure and interest to a photo shoot. Backdrop materials like muslin offer a soft and romantic feeling with soft sweeping and gentle crinkles. A harder surface appearance, such as faux stone or brick, adds an edginess or grungy chic to the photos. As you work with your student, take note of their personality and interests before suggesting a particular type of textured background. 

Use Floor Drops. Floor drops are less well-known than backdrops, but they serve a similar purpose. A floor drop is an artificial background meant to be placed on the floor for photographs that either show the entire body or that are taken from above the subject. Floor drops can be used in conjunction with (or in replacement of) backdrops to create even more visual interest. Having a floor drop available enables you to shoot from more angles and truly show off your subject.

Try Unique Patterns. Patterns are tricky for photographers, but they can add a unique touch that no one else can replicate. Look for muslin or linen with a hand-created design or work with the student to design one of their very own. For creative types, this could be the one element that takes their pictures over the top. Be careful with patterns, though, so they don't overwhelm all the pictures. 

Having alternatives to the traditional backdrop materials and colors helps you stand out above the crowd during school photo season. And it gives you a chance to experiment and hone your photography at the same time. Try out new custom-designed photography backdrops for your clients.