Wedding Day Photography: Asking Questions First

Posted on: 4 September 2018


Your wedding day photography is something that captures a single essential day in your life. If marrying the love of your life, you'll never have a second day to have these pictures taken. Considering the longevity and importance these photos will hold in your home and life, it's unwise to pick a photographer randomly. However, after browsing portfolios and seeing hundreds of gorgeous shots, you may not be any closer to choosing. That's where the following photography questions can prove beneficial.

1-Can I See a Raw Reel? 

Portfolios are indicative of the style and taste of an individual photographer, but you need to see more. You need to see raw footage and the volume of pictures taken at an event. This way you'll better glean details about how creative they are and how interactive they are with wedding parties. If you see a raw reel where there are only a few pictures of the couple together or a handful of similar reception photos, you may be dissatisfied with the variety of picture choices you'll have. If you see different settings and angles and some creativity in setting up shots, you may be more pleased with your own pictures from that person.

You'll also want to examine photo-retouching, airbrushing, and other processing work they do. Some photographers may have a more dramatic touch than you prefer, while others don't do enough. Knowing you'll be comfortable with how natural you'll look--in spite of editing work--is important.

2-How Do You Get Great Photos From Babies and Small Kids?

If nieces, nephews or your own kids will be in the bridal party or guest list, you'll want them to look good too. If you've taken pictures of kids in the past, you'll know that not everyone can coax good pictures out of them, especially when they're dressed formally. For your wedding, photographers that really enjoy children or have interesting ways of working with them could be a relief.

3-What if You're Unavailable?

Like any professional, photographers can get into accidents, become sick, get stuck in another location or have general mishaps which result in their absence. After extensive research to find someone whose style and attitude you like, this can be a major worry. They may have another photographer they work with or know someone whose aesthetic is rather similar.

Wedding day pictures endure throughout the days of your marriage. Asking questions, getting advice and talking through ideas with different people can ultimately help you locate a superior photographer to commemorate your day.