Ways To Involve A Vehicle In Your Wedding Photography Poses

Posted on: 15 November 2017


When you shoot a wedding, you'll take a series of portraits of the happy couple, but also want to include props in the area. While moving the couple around to use buildings, trees, and other landmarks can make for some memorable images, you should also consider incorporating a vehicle into your shots. You can use the couple's limousine, a luxury vehicle, or even a sports car if the bride arrived in one. With the right approach, you can use these vehicles as the perfect prop for capturing some memorable poses that your clients will truly appreciate — and you'll be able to use these images for your portfolio, which may attract more clients. Here are some poses that you can set up:

Silhouettes In The Sun

Depending on the sun's position during the photo shoot, it can be a valuable ally for some captivating images with a vehicle. If you're shooting as the sun is setting, position the vehicle and have the couple sit on its hood. You normally want the sun behind you when you take photos, but if you position yourself so that you're shooting into the sun with your subjects between you and the sun, they'll appear as silhouettes. You can then have the couple assume different positions, such as the bride's head on the groom's shoulder, for some perfect shots.

Backseat Fun

Many newly married couples favor some sexy wedding shots that they can display in private areas of their home, such as the master bedroom. A car is a perfect venue for capturing such images. One idea is to have the bride lie across the backseat, while the groom sits and she rests her head on his lap. You can arrange the couple so that they're looking longingly at each other, and you may wish to have the groom gently caressing her face or her hair.

Behind The Wheel

If your bride and groom are open to some fun, and you have a sporty vehicle that you can use for your photo shoot, position the couple with the bride in the driver's seat and the groom in the front passenger's seat. Have her looking aggressive as though she's traveling at a high rate of speed, and have him looking fearful. The bride and groom will undoubtedly have a blast shooting this image, and it can serve as a nice interlude between all of the more serious shots that you're taking to celebrate this special occasion.

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