Three Steps To Maintaining Your Canvas Photo Prints

Posted on: 22 July 2015


When you first decide to decorate or purchase canvas photo prints, you may be concentrating on the beauty and not the maintenance. Since this type of photo option isn't generally framed, you will find that the upkeep may be more than you expected. Here are a few cleaning issues that may arise when dealing with canvas photo prints and how you can handle each issue without damaging the print.

Nicotine Stains

If you smoke in your home, or if you have a canvas photo print from a smoking home, then you know how nicotine stains can discolor your photos. A traditionally framed image allows you to simply wipe the dust and nicotine stain away with glass cleaner or wood cleaner. You can't use either of those on the canvas without possible damage to the print.

If this is the dilemma you find yourself in, find a mild soap and a soft cloth. Make a solution of one part soap and four parts water. Apply the solution gently and wipe dry. For difficult nicotine stains or small areas of stains, consider using a cotton ball or swab to apply and remove the solution.

Sticker Residue

You may find the perfect canvas photo print at a garage sale of thrift store. In these cases, you will likely have a price tag attached the print. If that tag leaves a residue behind, you may be left with the issue of having to remove the residue without damaging the canvas. Citrus oil or citrus oil based cleaners are ideal for this situation. They will not harm the paint or photo and will remove the residue easily. You will want to dry the area and ensure as little oil as possible is left on the canvas since the oil can attract dirt and debris.

Yellowing and Fading

Yellowing and fading will occur over time to most canvas artwork when it is not protected by glass or another form of frame and cover option. If this has happened to your print, you can attempt to remove the yellowing by using a mild detergent and water or by using a small mixture of water, detergent, and citrus oil. This combination will sometimes remove the dirt and debris that builds up over time causing the canvas and photo to fade and yellow.

One of the easiest ways you can use to prevent damage to canvas photo prints is to routinely dust them. This removes any dirt and dust that may build up and attract or hold to the canvas. You can use a light feather duster or microfiber cloth for dusting, just remember to use very little liquid or chemical during your routine.