3 Easy Ways To Get The Photos You Want Without Being A Bridezilla

Posted on: 30 June 2015


If you're planning a wedding, the photos and videos will be one of the most lasting mementos of your day. That's why it's important to meet with and work with the wedding photographer well before the nuptials. To make the process of documenting the beginning of your new life better, here are 3 key things to arrange with the photographer before your wedding that won't make you seem like a bridezilla.  

Photo Shoots Before and After

One of the best things a bride and groom can do for themselves and their photographer is to schedule a bridal (or couple) shoot before the big day. To get enough quality shots of the bride and groom, the photographer will likely need at least an hour of uninterrupted alone time with the couple. This often becomes nearly impossible on the wedding day due to schedules, guests and competing demands on the couple. The perfect solution is to do an intimate wedding shoot prior to or even after the event. As a bonus, planning a wedding shoot one or two days before the wedding gives the bride a chance to do a test run on her complete hair and makeup.

Wedding Shot Lists

A good wedding photographer will have in mind a list of shots he or she knows will make the wedding album special. But don't be afraid to bring your own requests. When you meet with the photographer before the wedding day, bring a list of special request photos or samples of such photos. Using magazines or a tablet with the internet, you can be specific and clear about what shots you feel are the most important so as to ensure you get what you envision. 

Your photographer will have his or her own selection of props and favorite shots. Ask what props are available and bring one or two of your own if there is something specific you want. And be sure to discuss the feeling you want to evoke from your wedding album. Do you want it to be "fun," "romantic," "serious" or "classic"? Talking about your overall goal will help the photo professional determine what to bring and what shots to take. 

Names and Relationships

The bride and groom (and often both parents) will be extremely busy during the wedding and reception. However, the photographer needs to be able to address questions and concerns before, during and after the wedding shoot. Provide the names, phone numbers and even a photo of the best man and maid of honor as well as one or two people who will be at the wedding whom the photographer can go to for help if needed.  

Likewise, to ensure that everyone who is important in your life is included, bring information on the names and relationships of some family and friends. Be sure to identify which children are family members, who are the immediate family of the bride and groom and how you've arranged for both sides of the family to be brought together for photos.  

With some pre-planning, you and your wedding photographer can memorialize exactly the people, events and feelings you want from your wedding. But the key is to work well with the person you've hired, to communicate frankly and to view him or her as a partner in this endeavor. And then you can go out and have fun at your wedding and leave the work to the photographer.